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📅 Wed Apr 03 2024

Galaxy 1.0 launched

A huge new update to the Galaxy theme has landed!


Jacob Jenkins

One swell guy

FutureThemes Founder


Introducing Galaxy 1.0!

Galaxy 1.0 has just been released and it is a huge update!

This update uses everything I’ve learnt about integrations over the last few months and condenses it into this one theme!


Galaxy is now a bonefide npm package! You can easily install exactly the same way as you would any other Astro integration!

pnpm add @futurethemes/galaxy

Then install in Astro exactly the same as any other integration!

import GalaxyTheme from "@futurethemes/galaxy";
export default defineConfig({
integrations: [

Or to make it easier, you can create a new Astro project with our new template! More on this later!

MDX & Content Collections

Galaxy, as with all FutureThemes themes, now uses .mdx files as it’s primary way of creating content! This coupled with Astro’s own Content Collections means that it’s now easier than ever to create content for your site.

Easily start by creating a src/content/pages folder and now your content becomes your path structure! (Just like Starlight!)

src/content/pages/index.mdx will be your homepage!

All pages are completely SEO-friendly, right from the Frontmatter. You can pass any SEO options you need with the use of the astro-seo🔗 integration!


Galaxy 1.0 also ships with a whole bunch of nicer, much easier to use components. These components are configured by props, rather than relying on the user to use them in precisely the right way! This means all the components are fully composable and can be placed anywhere, in any order next to any other component!

Also, a fair few components have slots so you can fully tailor them to your own needs! And finally, they are fully typed and include intellisense out of the box! No more reading confusing docs to find out how to use them.

For example, HeroSection now takes a prop title which is what will display in huge letters in your hero section.


FutureThemes has also launched🔗!

This is our brand new Starlight docs site which contains all the documentation you need to get started and create amazing sites with FutureThemes!

It contains all the info you need to get up and running with Galaxy and will be updated with all the information you need as we add more themes and update Galaxy!

Get started with Galaxy🔗

Astro Template

Creating a Galaxy site has never been easier! We’ve created a template ready for you to start creating your perfect site in minutes!

Easily create a new Galaxy project with the command

pnpm create astro@latest --template futurethemes/galaxy

Also works with npm!

npm create astro@latest -- --template futurethemes/galaxy

Free tier

Our last huge update to Galaxy is our trial of a free tier!

Previously Galaxy was a paid-only theme. However due to this being an Astro Integration we can easily create a free and paid tier! So that’s what we did!

You can now use Galaxy completely free for non-commercial sites up to 5 pages! So if you’re looking to try out Galaxy or just want to use it for a hobby-site, portfolio, now you can risk-free!


Thank you to everyone who has already tried out Galaxy and given feedback! It means so much!

Thank you all again, hope you enjoy this incredible new version of Galaxy, and have a great day! 👋

Thank you,

Jacob Jenkins - Founder